A life long student because I love learning. I love to laugh and have fun. I’m on a journey to discovering “why I am here.” On this journey, I am discovering new things that I also enjoy. I knew I loved storytelling and one day as I was in the kitchen I heard the word “Audible” in my ear. The rest, as they say, is history, I’m now a narrator with Audible.

From self-help, mysteries, how-to manuals, romance, erotica you name it, these are just a few of the genres that I’ve narrated.

This spiritual journey that I’m on has me experimenting with new ways of doing things and I’m loving it.

I’ll be recording commentaries on some of the things that I’m learning so be sure to sign up to my Facebook and YouTube pages for “Live” to my Instagram, Twitter,  to interact and to stay up to date with new goings on. Feel free to sign up to my newsletter so that we can stay connected.

Who knows… I may visit your city on a speaking engagement tour!

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