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Have you written a book, poetry etc and you’d like it narrated? Then email me today for a quote to get started.

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Ghost Writing

Do you have an idea and need help getting the idea from your brain to the eyes and ears of others? Perhaps you need to write a speech, a letter? Bring your ideas and I’ll help you develop, write and edit the finished product. Email me today and get started.


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You’ve spent lots of time writing your book. Email me today for a quote and I’ll edit your work for you.


Life is beautiful and sometimes we need a gentle reminder of this FACT! Not only do I listen but I understand and offer tips and suggestions on how to get your life balanced.

We get balanced when we understand the laws that govern us and how to work within them in order to maximize our potential.

Learning to implement things like meditation, humming/singing to help our bodies and minds.

Email me today to set up your coaching session.